in Evans Bar, Korea

Zombik simply entrances, and she does it almost effortlessly.”

-Montreal Gazette


“Hers is a unique gift of delivering melancholy with mature complexity.”

-Nobuya Takagi, Swing Journal


“Kim respects the fundamentals of the songs she chooses, and she sings them with a charming sincerity that comes straight from her heart. In Kim’s vocals there is unembellished honesty – a naiveté even- combined with sharpness and warm-heartedness. Her reciprocity with her band is excellent.”

  • Yōzō Iwanami, Swing Journal


“With the Intimate Sky From Whence You Came, she puts the vocal format in tune with the traditional and the avant-garde. The [album} ponders the desire to dialogue with the admiration of the classics.”

-Tiago Ferriera, Na Mira do Groove on-line magazine, Brazil


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