The latest video comes from studio-time at Rotating Planet Studios. Silvervest performing our original piece “Such a lover”. August 2017

In May 2016, we presented an original piece, entitled Intimate Sky From Whence You Came:


What  great time we had at L’OFF Festival du Jazz in 2014. Ted Strauss took these videos at  Resonance Café on  October 8, 2014:

With Kate Wyatt on piano, Morgan Moore on bass and Martin Auguste on drums.

the wonderfully epic Round Midnight:


From Montreal International Festival de Jazz, July 2009: Martin Heslop, bass. Andres Vial, piano. Martin Auguste, drums. Erik Hove, saxophone and Hans Vanhoeven, cajon. (TBA)


At POP Montreal with Jass Amnesty Sound System, with DJs sweet daddy luv and Andy Williams. September 2013


In July 2014, I was back in Massachusetts and I had a chance to get into Northfire Recording Studio again with Eric Olsson. Check out this charming little ditty that he wrote! As usual, we had such silly fun…..

Here are two others that we recorded earlier in the year:

(You’re Contagious, by Eric Olsson, is one of my favourite songs to sing, hands down!)




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  1. Hey!
    Congratulated you last night after your sweet set at the Project Pal event, then checked all this out. Wow! You are incredible! Really like what you do.
    Please add me to your growing fan bass. Thanks.
    You had mentioned an upcoming show at Resonance?
    And was that you walking west on Ontario Street last night, post event? :}

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