Here’s a little smorgasbord of recordings that I have made over the last several years. ENJOY!

From the heart of deep collaboration, Nic Caloia and I create Silvervest: an original music project that creates little cosmoses!

for a fuller sampling of our demos, listen here: https://silvervest.bandcamp.com/music

check out our full website here: http://www.musiquerayonnante.org/silvervest


Voilà: the latest solo ALBUM is ready for your listening and purchasing pleasure! “Intimate Sky from Whence You Came” is available on my Bandcamp page for digital downloading. YUM!

The album is a missive to love in it’s various guises: parent-child love, the love that got-away-love, love as serving the call of spirit…..

check it out!



2007: As the Crow Flies, with Unit 7. this is All About the Flow


2006: Autumn Leaves, as Lady Kim, with Village Records. Bye Bye Blackbird

as Lady Kim


2005: American in Paris, as Lady Kim, with the New World Japan Philharmonic Orchestra

with Joe Hasaishi and the New World Orchestra

2005, Oncle Bijoux, with Monsieur Max

2004, Everything Must Change,  on Village Records

as Lady Kim


2002, Left Alone, on Village Records : This was recorded on the tails of my tour as  Billie Holiday in “Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill”:

as Lady Kim



2000, The Persistence of Memory, with Live on the Planet. I wrote all lyrics and co-wrote music.

original pop-funk


1998, Cover to Cover, with Stash. Congo Square

one of my best bands ever!


1994, No. 1, featured vocalist with bassist John Nuhn

1992, Out at the Inn, with reggae band, The Equalites