Bonjour and Hello!

Creatively, 2017 has been an exciting year! I am thrilled to report that I  began the new year with a new album “the Intimate Sky From Whence You Came”. My new duo group, with bassist Nicolas Caloia, is called Silvervest, and we have down three of studio time recording our original music and making little vidoes! In July, I got to sing with my father E. Billy Thompson, after meeting him for the first time last year. That show was deeply meaningful , completely fun, and the room was filled with nothing but L-O-V-E!  As of October, 2017, I will be in India studying classical Indian singing with the Gundecha Brothers!

Very fulfilling. Soul satisfaction.

You can find Silvervest’s site in the Music drop down menu of this site.


The Intimate sky from whence you came” was launched at Résonance Café, January 25, 2017! A review from “No Mira Do Groove” on-line magazine from Brazil had this to say, just three weeks after the album was released in January, 2017:

“With the Intimate Sky From Whence You Came, she puts the vocal format in tune with the traditional and the avant-garde. The [album} ponders the desire to dialogue with the admiration of the classics.”

-Tiago Ferriera, Na Mira do Groove on-line magazine, Brazil

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There is also information about my yoga teaching schedule and workshops.


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